Service - from real people, who understand your business.

We 'own the problem' - on site installation and set-up

Getting any new computer system up and running successfully can be a real hassle. Not RentMan. We come to you and our experts get you up and running, with confidence.

When you decide to go ahead, our installation team will agree with you an installation schedule which includes the testing of your equipment, the training of your staff and set-up of the system to match your exact requirements.

A helpline that really helps

Once you are up and running, our highly trained UK-based helpline backs up our comprehensive training and manuals. They know the rental industry - so they already speak your language.

Ask us to 'look over your shoulder'

What's more, if you do have a problem, with your approval, our specialists can log into your system and see the very same screen you are looking at, then walk and talk you through the issue.

This 'shadowing' facility means no lengthy, frustrating descriptions of what the problem is - real help, in realtime.

Forget about IT hassle

Because RentMan Vehicle Rental Software is delivered over the web, we do all the maintenance, housekeeping and backup. There's no need to worry about systems upgrades - it's all done for you. And you can be confident that you always have secure disaster recovery in place, with your data fully protected.