A day in the life of RentMan

Rentman Vehicle Rental Software in Action

When RentMan is installed it assumes responsibility for the many tasks that burden a busy operation.

Start of day - RentMan provides information on the status of your fleet and agreements.

Throughout the day - RentMan processes and prints your rental agreements. As a vehicle is rented it checks licence details, account details, insurance and tariff requirements and calculates the deposits and prepayments.

It will take a photo of the hirer and store it against his licence details. Post Code software will allow extra security and speed up the input of details.

Rental extensions, additional drivers, vehicle changeovers, non revenue movements are all handled with the minimum of effort. As vehicles are returned it calculates charges and refunds automatically and updates the vehicle history records instantly.

Traffic offences are easy to track with the on screen enquiry facility. Personalised professional rental agreements are produced for your customers.

At the end of the day - A comprehensive Sales journal and bank reconciliation is produced which is accurate and complete at the first attempt.

Whilst all this is going on RentMan is automatically gathering this information to provide a comprehensive suite of management reports for vehicles, performance and insurance all available at any time at the press of a button.

And you can let your customers have access to their information - Customer Management Reporting allows you to set up secure access for your corporate accounts so they can access their information any time they wish.

P11D, Agreement/Reservation details and statistical information is all available. They can save the data for further processing and even download the information they need from you to incorporate in their MID (Motor Insurers Database) submissions

Vehicle rental software / car rental software that has been a market leader for 20 years