'Out-of-the-box' functionality that delivers real value

RentMan provides a complete, end-to-end system that is easy to use and will benefit every aspect of your business, whether you run a single site or national multi-site operation.

Front office benefitsFront office benefits

Counter staff can quickly and easily process rental agreements and previous hirers in a simple and logical fashion - post code recognition and drop-down menus speeding the task.

Pop-ups containing hints and tips or warnings will automatically appear as you work your way through. Tasks that can be accomplished include:

• Open, close and extend rental agreements

• Create and amend reservations

• Create supplementary invoices

• Perform UK identity checks

• Record non-revenue movements

• Maintain a hirer database ­ corporate and individual

• Perform a vehicle change-over

• Add additional hirers

• Create invoices (and credit notes)

• Part bill a long-term agreement

• Repeat bill an open agreement

• Copy bill a closed agreement

• View and search enquiry screens

• Vehicle schedule, including vehicles due in and out, future reservations and much more…

Back office benefitsBack office benefits

Apart from being able to take account of all your specific tariffs, from vehicle charge rates through to fuel rates and prime location supplements, RentMan will generate many management reports.

These will include confidential information that is best restricted to specific personnel, and are therefore password protected. These reports include:

• Agreement status

• Vehicle status (services, registration, mileage, income, expenses)

• Transactions

• Business performance (revenue, expenses, hire sources, utilisation, income)

• Insurance

• Non-revenue movements

• Day book

• Defleet due

• Fleet movement

• Lost revenue

• Mileage exception ­

and much more…

Customer benefitsCustomer benefits

Your customers will appreciate the greater level of professionalism, especially as it means a faster turnaround when collecting vehicles.

The rental agreement is quick to complete (especially for previous hirers) and is customised to specific needs: for example, if on COI then insurance details are automatically included.

In addition, every item on the invoice is clearly itemised, with no "grey areas" that can lead to disputes.

Our field-based staff - who are from the rental industry and understand your business - will regularly visit you to make sure you are getting the most out of RentMan vehicle rental software.