RISC Online: integrated!


RISC Online: it's free right now!
You may have read in BVRLA News that RISC, the BVRLA's 'problem renter' database, will be free to rental members from 2013. Rather than wait, the BVRLA has made this service available to new subscribers right now, in time for the peak summer months for car rental.

Available exclusively to BVRLA members, RISC allows subscribers to access information about renters whom other members have reported as 'high risk'. Typical incidents reported include failing to return a vehicle on time and allowing unauthorised people to drive. Subscribers can make an informed choice about whether or not they want to rent their vehicles to the people listed.

RISC Online is integrated with the RentMan system. As soon as you enter a license number into RentMan the license is checked automatically against the RISC database. If the license is found a message is displayed to the operator with the details of the incident.

To join the RISC community, all you need do is confirm that you have a data protection registration with the Information Commissioner's office, that you are willing to share details about your own problem renters in the RISC system, and that your rental agreement terms and conditions allow you to do so. Contact member services administrator Rob Burford to find out more.

You’ll want to identify those customers who may pose a risk to your company. Using the BVRLA’s RISC database, which contains details of over 8,000 individuals and companies, will help you make an informed decision. The system enables rental companies to legitimately share risk information with other BVRLA members in order to gather information about prospective renters. Some of the things RISC can help protect your business against include:

  • Customer fraud
  • Theft
  • Unauthorised extensions
  • Late payments
  • Abusive behaviour

Using RISC can make your business less susceptible to vehicle theft and unauthorised extensions, which in turn could save you money on your insurance premiums.